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Finding Your Niche!

For as long as I can remember, tap has always been my favorite style of dance.

Like most, my first tap class was a 3 year-old combo class at my studio back home. As I grew up, I really began to fall in love with the style because of my amazing teachers who always pushed me to reach my full potential.

Immediately when I turned five, I began competing solos. I started with clogging and when I turned 7 or 8, I transitioned to tap. I thought my first tap solo was a complete dud – I had okay feet, but my arms and body placement was all over the place. But I kept practicing, and after becoming more comfortable with my body as I got older, my solos continued to improve. I kept improving in other styles of dance as well, but I always had the most fun working on tap!

I wanted to get better and challenge myself to be the best tapper I could be. I love tap because there is always something new steps to be explored. And it doesn’t matter how flexible you are or how many turns you can do… if you just start moving your feet, new steps will happen.

I didn’t start choreographing until late in my high school career when I was teaching tap at the same studio where I started dancing.

At this time, I was still competing solos and group tap numbers. I have two favorite tap solos that I have ever performed. The are: “Give My Regards To Broadway” was a number that I competed for three years in a row – the difference between the first year and the last was insane! My other favorite was “Let It Whip”, which I competed in the Miss Alabama Pageant at the age of 18!

They were completely different styles – one very Broadway and the other, modern – I had so much fun performing them.

Although sometimes I look back and think –

“Wow, I wish I could hold my leg up that high” or

“I should’ve taken more ballet classes”. I feel truly blessed that I have always found my niche in tap.

I think it makes me unique, and I feel most at home with tap shoes on, teaching my girls in the studio. Hoping that they’ll enjoy tap dancing even half as much as I do! It doesn't have to be tap. Just work hard at whichever style you are most passionate about, and you will find your niche too!

Do you already have a favorite style of dance? We 'd love to know which one it is!!

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