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Anchor Vision

We want our students to excell in life, not just in their dance and performance careers! Whether a student desires a professional career in the arts or simply wants to dance and perform purely for the joy of it, both students deserve the best and most suitable education to help achieve their goal. And the younger the student, the more important the correct training is. Nerve and muscle memory are created through repetition, and once formed, are hard to “un-wire.” Poor or incorrect technique, taught at an early age and repeated thousands of times is very hard to overcome and puts the student at a distinct disadvantage. In an older student, it often takes several years of “un-training” old patterns of movement before you can begin building new and correct patterns, but it’s not impossible. The future of dance and performing arts in East Alabama welcomes you to our studio and culture. Modeled after Rising Arts Performing Arts Center in South Florida, Rising Starz of Auburn becomes the alternative in Alabama for generations of young artists seeking correct and serious work in the training of dance and performing arts. Rising Starz will incorporate the same curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and business model that made Kathy Thomas Richards’ original Rising Starz PAC one of the largest and most respected dance and performing arts studios in the country.  East Alabama citizens constantly demand the best in athletics and academics. It is time that they also demand the best in Arts training!


We encourage our students to attend Master Classes, and audition for the best dance companies in the country! Our students that are preparing for a career in the dance, theatre, and film industries work with our staff as well as other professionals in the industries.


By performing in dance and other areas of the performing arts, students are gently pushed out of their shells! They develop confidence in themselves, and learn to carry themselves with poise and grace. 



Developing proper technique  is imparrative to quality training! We believe in helping students develop their stamina, flexibility, and proper technique. We offer those traditional dance classes, but also encourage additional classes to improve overall performance training



Performance skills are wonderful tools for students who end up performing with their careers. But these skills are also a fabulous foundation for any student looking to develop poise, personality, and self awareness. We perform inhouse and all around our community!


The friends developed while learning to dance and perform are life long in so many cases. Enjoying the bonds they have with other students is what keeps so many of our students inspired and having fun!

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