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Rising Starz Win at Dance Nationals

New records were set for Rising Starz at the Fusion National Dance Competition June 10th & 11th! Rising Starz Performing Arts sent several teams of dancers from our Auburn & Alex City Studios to Panama City to compete . We are proud to say that they exceeded our expectations! These dancers train year round with our competitive teams. They competed on a state, regional, and national level. “Cant Say enough about these girls.” says Rising Starz Director, Kathy Richards. “They are truly amazing young women!”

While attending Fusion Nationals, several of our dancers attended convention classes taught by Fusion judges and faculty in a variety of genres.

Four of our dancers: Madison, Lauren, Makayla, and Shelby had the opportunity to participate in a special program called, Fusion Stars, where they learned choreography that became the opening number for the Sunday’s Showdown Competition.

They learned some new choreography with nationally known instructors.

Our dancers work in together throughout the year to compete in team routines. They compete in the appropriate age group and skill level. They also have the opportunity to compete individually. We are proud of all of our national results for 2015! During the course of the weekend, our teams received four High Gold Awards, 8 Platinums, a 3rd, a 2nd, and 5 1st overalls. Several dancers worked overtime to compete in solo and duo/trio routines.

For our solo dancers: In the twelve and over recreational solos, Erin received a first overall. In the eleven and under intermediate solos, Makayla received a second overall. And in the twelve and over Intermediate solos, Shelby received a first overall.

Then, with our other group & duo/trio competitors: Move received a third overall, Real Love and Heart of Blue received second overall, and How Will I Know received a first overall. Fidelity was a platinum group award and first overall. Latch was a platinum group award and second overall. Latch also received the judges award for "lines and transitions".

Great job ladies,

We are so excited to see what the future holds!

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